Spanish Records Extraction - An Instructional Guide

1981 by Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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Chapter One: Old Spanish Records - Introduction


Chapter Two: Christening, Marriage and Other Entries

Section One - Christening Entries

Sections Two - Marriage Entries

Section Three - Other Entries


Chapter Three: Spanish Handwriting and Spelling

Section One - Easily Confused Letters

Sections Two - Elements of Spanish Handwriting Style

Section Three - Variations in Word Spelling


Chapter Four: Name Identification

Section One - Identifying Names

Section Two - Deciphering Personal Names

Section Three - Distinguishing between Given Names and Surnames


Chapter Five: Gender


Chapter Six: Dates

Section One - Months, Days, Years

Section Two - Variations in Dates


Chapter Seven: Putting It All Into Practice

Section One

Section Two

Section Three

Section Four

Section Five

Section Six: Answers



Section One - Spanish and Latin Terms

Section Two - Christening and Marriage Entry Phrases



Appendix A1 - Given Names

Appendix A2 - Common Surnames

Appendix B - Common Abbreviations

Appendix C - Common Occupations

Appendix D - Racial Designations

Appendix E - Titles and Descriptive Terms